5 days with IOT

Internet of things is such a dynamic and enhanced technology that it will always excite you to learn as much as you can. It has so much objectives to research and explore. So we are proposing a 5 days of intense training program on IOT with all the advance perspective related to development of IOT product. It will cover Arduino with different communication protocol and interfacing sensors. Participants will be taught to develop Android App using MIT app inventor to communicate and control actuators wirelessly using Arduino.


Can access computer system and make use of internet to perform search over Google.

Need to Prepare?

Prior programming experience is not required.

Tools Expected:-

Windows OS based PC, Smart phone with Internet, Notebook and Pen

Tools Provided (for the session):-

 Arduino Board, Wifi Module, Bread Board, A to B USB Cable, DHT Sensor, Bluetooth Module, Ultrasonic Sensor, MQ2 Gas Sensor, Resistor, LEDs, Jumper wires and Reference Materials


Embedded C, Arduino IDE, Attention Commands, Sensors, Bluetooth Communication, Cloud and Server


This workshop will be addressed about Internet of things applications and how to get live feed of a sensor integrated at our home or work place through internet. The basic concept of android application development and make our mobile communicate with the arduino board will also be taught with this segment of Workshop


  • Digital Output for Arduino
  • Interfacing Digital Switch
  • Integrating Sensors & Reading Environmental Physical Values.
  • Creating Android App to control Home devices
  • Interfacing Bluetooth unit with Arduino
  • Home Automation Project
  • Create a localhost server
  • Use Arduino to Upload free data from Environmental Sensors to Cloud Server.
  • Automatically Tweet Sensor Data on Twitter.
  • Control Home devices from web browser


5 Days (6 hours each including 1-hour lunch break)


Day 1
Session 1-  (03:00 hrs)
Introduction to IOT
  • What is IOT?
  • Basics of IOT
  • IOT in home automation
  • IOT Industrial Applications
  • How large is the IOT Market
  • Latest updates in the IOT industry.
  • Available IOT alliances details and the standards that are getting evolved
  • Multiple IOT applications and solutions available in market
  • Multiple IOT platform (hardware) example Ras-pi, Arduino,etc., comparison and usage
Introduction to Arduino
  • What is ARDUINO?
  • What is Open Source Microcontroller Platform?
  • Arduino GPIO Pins
  • Basics of Electronics.
  • Sensors and Actuators.
Hands-on with Arduino
  • Fundamentals of C programming
  • About Arduino IDE (Your First Arduino Sketch)
  • Digital Output as LED glow
  • Digital Input Using Switch
  • Control Output using Digital Input


Session 2- (03:00 hrs)
Sensors Interfacing
  • Serial Input & Serial Output
  • Analog Input & Analog Output
  • What is Sensor & Actuator?
  • Sensor Feature.
  • Types of sensors
  • Interfacing Sensor With Arduino
  • Reading From Sensors
Session Recap


Day 2
Session 1- (03:00 hrs)
Wifi Module
  • Introduction to Esp8266
  • Interfacing of Arduino with ESP8266
  • Introduction to Attention Commands for internet access
  • Connect with WiFi network
  • Access the IP address assigned to ESP8266 and arduino
Implementaion of IOT
  • Create a local server using arduino
  • What are cloud Servers
  • Cloud computing and IOT
  • Popular Cloud Servers
  • Cloud platform introduction
  • Creating Channel for live data feed
  • Program arduino to read and update sensor data over cloud


Session 2- (03:00 hrs)
Thingspeak apps
  • Connect temperature and humidity sensor
  • Continuously monitor sensor reading through internet
  • Link your Twitter account with Cloud Server
  • Generate API and program arduino
  • How to tweet using Arduino
  • Get sensor data over twitter


Day 3
Session 1- (03:00 hrs)
Bluetooth Module
  • Introduction to Bluetooth Module (HC05)
  • Interfacing of Arduino with HC-05
  • Attention Commands to know & Change the name and password of HC-05
MIT app inventor
  • Introduction to MIT app inventor platform
  • Create hello world app on MIT app inventor
  • Create app to control electrical devices in home


Session 2- (03:00 hrs)
Connections for Home Automation
  • Understanding Relay Switch
  • Making Connections of Relay Switch
  • Controlling Relay using arduino 0utput
  • Connecting AC devices with arduino via relay
Arduino Programing for Bluetooth
  • Program Arduino to read command transferred from app using bluetooth
  • Home automation using Bluetooth, arduino and relay
  • Develop the module as voice controlled home automation
Session Recap


Day 4
Session 1- (03:00 hrs)
Understanding Some more Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Mechanism of Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Program arduino and interface ultrasonic sensor
  • Measure distance using ultrasonic sensor
  • MQ2 Gas sensor
  • Understanding analog sensor
  • Measure gas or smoke level using MQ2 Gas sensor
  • Alarm System if smoke value crosses threshold level


Session 2- (03:00 hrs)
Update reading and controlling
  • Update ultrasonic and MQ2 gas sensor reading over cloud
  • Turn WiFi Module as Station
  • Connect some devices through WiFi in the given network
  • Program arduino to receive command as static I.P address
  • Control devices connected to arduino from address bar of web browser
Session Recap


Day 5
Session 1- (03:00 hrs)
Web Page Development
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Create webpage with buttons to control AC units in a network
  • J QUERY Introduction
  • Program arduino
  • Connect ESP8266 and Relay with arduino
  • Connection of AC devices with Arduino using Relay
  • Run the complete unit using the web page for controlling of devices



Session 2- (03:00 hrs)
Review and Recap of whole session
  • Doubt Clearing
  • Question Hour
  • Project suggestions

Zonal Round of SkillThon

  • Competition
  • Certificate distribution and acknowledgement


INR 2500 (GST exclusive) Per Participation