Arduino Robots

Arduino, A much known and advanced open-source electronics platform or development board with software to program it. Arduino makes electronics more accessible to artists, designers, hobbyists and developers to create more interactive objects and environment. To start with only very basic of programming skill is required and our mentor will teach the same to our aspirants with some electronics concepts to make a autonomous robot with ease of coding and developments.


Can access computer system and make use of internet to perform search over Google.

Need to Prepare?

Prior programming experience is not required.

Tools Expected:-

Windows OS based PC, Internet Connection, Notebook and Pen

Tools Provided (for the session):-

L293D Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver Board, IR sensor, Arduino Board, DC geared motors, Chassis, Caster wheel, Clamp, Wheel, Screw Driver, Stud, Screw, Battery Connector with DC Jack


Operating System, Logic creation, Integrated circuit, Arduino, Basic of electronics, Sensors and Motors


This workshop will be addressed with hands-on session where one can learn about Arduino and then use that knowledge to build a fully autonomously bot from scratch.


2 Days (7 hours each)


Day 1
Session 1-  (03:30 hrs)
Brief introduction to robotics
  • Basic concepts
Getting to know the contents of the kit
Introduction about Arduino
  • Why Arduino
  • What is Arduino
  • Setting up Arduino Environment (if not already done)
  • Writing and uploading sketches to Arduino
  • Using external libraries
Controlling external devices using Arduino
Introduction to batteries
Session 2- (02:30 hrs)
Introduction about Motors
  • DC Motors
  • Stepper Motors
Controlling DC motors using Arduino
H Bridge
  • How it works
  • Setting up H bridge
Session Recap
Day 2
Session 1- (03:30 hrs)
Assembling the bot
  • Writing Arduino code to control the H Bridge
Making your bot move
  • Controlling its direction
  • Adding additional logic to steer the bot
Introduction to IR
  • How IR works
  • Interfacing IR with Arduino
  • Using IR to detect obstacles
  • Teaching the bot how to avoid obstacles
Session 2- (02:30 hrs)
Additional Topics
  • Making the bot follow a line
  • Replacing batteries with solar panels
Future ideas
  • Replacing IR with Ultrasound
  • Controlling bots using Android phones
  • Making it fully autonomous
Session Recap

Zonal Round of SkillThon

  • Competition
  • Certificate distribution and acknowledgement