Automation using PLC & SCADA

PLC & SCADA workshop deals with the computing system used to control electromechanical processes and industrial automation. Mostly “Programmable Logic Controller” generally known as a PLC is used as guiding force behind an automated industrial plant. PLCs along with certain other necessary devices like Sensors, Motors, Actuators, Valves, Conveyors, Boilers, SCADA Systems, Computers & many more, makes a real automated manufacturing plant. SCADA is a type of industrial control system that is used to monitor and control facilities and infrastructure in industries. The main objective of this workshop is to deliver project based training over Industrial Automation.


Can access computer system and make use of internet to perform search over Google.

Need to Prepare?

Prior programming experience is not required and basics of electrical engineering would be appreciated.

Tools Expected:-

Windows OS based PC, Smart phone with Internet, Notebook and Pen

Tools Provided (for the session):-

PLC, RS-Logix, SCADA, Reference Materials, PPTs and Study Materials.


RS-Logix, SCADA, Automation, Circuit Connections, Sensor, Human Machine Interface etc.


This workshop will focused over basic knowledge and skills of electrical designing, industrial automation using PLC and SCADA to facilitate faster learning curves while on the job.


  • PLC based Automatic Industrial Drainage Timer
  • PLC based Elevator Controller
  • PLC based Pick and Place crane
  • PLC based reverse forward starter
  • Metro simulation in scada



2 Days (7 hours each including 1-hour lunch break)


Day 1
Session 1-  (03:30 hrs)
Industrial automation using PLC and SCADA
  • Definition and Need of Automation
  • Scope of Automation
  • Evolution in Industrial Automation (A Brief History)
  • Different Type of Industrial Control Mechanisms)
  • What is PLC
  • PLC vs microcontrollers
  • Scope and applications
  • Data structure (Input and Output)
  • Sensors and their interfacing
  • Other actuators such as motors
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)


Session 2- (02:30 hrs)
PLC Programming
  • Allen Bradley & Rockwell Automation’s Details
  • PLC Fundamentals, PLC Hardware & Architecture
  • Wiring Different Field Devices to PLC
  • Creating applications with Programming Software
  • Programming Languages, Basic Instructions
  • Load/and/or/out/and Read/W rite instructions
  • Compare/Add/Sub/And/or – blocks instructions
  • Advance Instructions
  • Forcing of I/Os, Fault finding/troubleshooting & documentation
  • Hands on experience on real time applications


Session Recap


Day 2
Session 1- (03:30 hrs)
  • Introduction to SCADA software
  • Creating New SCADA Project
  • Creating database of Tags
  • Creating & Editing Graphic display
  • Attaching controls to graphic objects sizing, Blinking, Filling
  • Analog Entry, Movement of objects, Visibility


Session 2- (02:30 hrs)
Hands On Session
  • Application of scripts
  • Communication with PL C/excel/different protocols
  • Net DDE Communication
  • Fault finding/Troubleshooting


Session Recap
Zonal Round of SkillThon


Certificate distribution and acknowledgement


INR 1500 (GST exclusive) Per Participation