Automobile Engineering & Mechanics

Automobile & IC Engine Mechanics workshop focuses on wide conceptual training related o automobile engineering. The topics to be covered will be chassis design, working of Suspension unit, Steering System, Braking unit, Transmission, Fuel Supply System, IC Engine and Advanced Technologies like ABS, EBD, PGMFi, DTS-Fi, MPFI, VVTI. The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with eight hours session each day in a total of sixteen hours, properly divided into theory and hand on practical sessions.

Course Highlights
  • Mechanisms involved in today’s automobile
  • Working of internal IC Engine components
  • How transmission, suspension and other car systems work
  • How to configure and experiment with an automobile model


  • Dismantling and assembly of a 150 cc IC Engine
  • Automobile Prototype which can be operated by Radio Controls


  • Certificate of Participation from SkillThon-2018 in Association with ELAN & Nvision IIT Hydrabaad and Microsoft AEP.
  • Certificate of merit from SkillThon-2018 in Association with ELAN & Nvision IIT Hydrabaad and Microsoft AEP.
  • Certificate of Coordination from SkillThon-2018 in Association with ELAN & Nvision IIT Hydrabaad and Microsoft AEP.


Participation Benefits: –
  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.
  • Project Completion letter to each attendee from SkillIT Nation New delhi
  • The Certificate of Participation in association with ELAN & Nvision IIT-H
  • Free CD/DVD containing Software Resource Toolkit
  • Students will get the opportunity to have Free 6 month project based Internship.
  • Top Teams will be awarded as winners with the certificate of honour & respected prizes at IIT-Hydrabaad.


IC Engines
  • Basics of Automobiles: History & Classification
  • Detailed exposure to different systems in an automobile
    • Basic Components of a Motor Cycle
    • Advanced Ignition, Braking and Exhaust systems
    • Advanced topics on Turbo and Nitro charged Engines
    • Component and structure of Chassis, Handling and steering system
    • Advanced topics on Engine Control Unit, Sensors, and Actuators etc.
  • Comparative Case Studies & Group Discussions on existent automobiles
  • Discussion of problem statements from previous international student automobile competitions like FSAE, BAJA etc
  • Future of Automobiles


Automobile Prototyping
  • Chassis
  • Engine Placement and Weight Distribution
  • Chassis Design Algorithm
  • Drive Train
  • Drive Train Design Algorithm
  • Steering
  • Ackerman Design Algorithm
  • Suspension
  • Car Handling
  • Aerodynamics


Hands-on Session
  • Dismantling and assembling a life size engine (150 cc)
  • Analyzing all the IC Engine components first hand
  • Live demonstration of internal mechanism of an IC Engine
  • Chassis Design & Fabrication
  • Powertrain Design & Placement
  • Transmission systems & Suspension systems
  • Steering Mechanism
  • Radio Controls for the miniature Automobile


Prerequisites: –
  • Can access computer system and make use of internet to perform search over Google.


Need to Prepare?
  • Prior programming experience is not required.


Tools Expected: –
  • Windows OS based PC, Smart phone with Internet, Notebook and Pen


Tools used (for the session): –
  • 4 Stroke Bajaj Pulsar DTSi Engine*
  • DC Motors
  • Electronic Speed Controller
  • Transmitter*
  • Receiver*
  • Li-Po battery
  • 1 Servo motor
  • Suspensions
  • 4 Wheels
  • Plastic gears
  • Chassis
  • Control rods
  • Epoxy glue
  • Working tools


  • An amount of INR 2500 will be charged per participants for the NWTP.