Electrical engineering, A field of engineering with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. With electrical oriented workshops we will learn use of electronics to create, convey, and manipulate information. We will learn basics of circuits and signal processing, then move on to advanced subtopics such as microelectronics, telecommunications, and power and control engineering. It is one of the core courses of engineering discipline deals with the study of design, development, and maintenance of electrical systems. So we design the workshop module for electrical students with topics such as Electrical system Design for designing concepts, Automation using PLC and Scada for maintenance concepts and PCB developments for development concepts.

Automation (PLC & Scada) 

PLC & SCADA workshop deals with the computing system used to control electromechanical processes and industrial automation. Mostly “Programmable Logic Controller” generally known as a PLC is used as guiding force behind an automated industrial plant. PLCs along with certain other necessary devices like Sensors, Motors, Actuators, Valves, Conveyors, Boilers, SCADA Systems, Computers & many more, makes a real automated manufacturing plant. SCADA is a type of industrial control system that is used to monitor and control facilities and infrastructure in industries. The main objective of this workshop is to deliver project based training over Industrial Automation. Know More….

Electrical Design Workshop

Electrical Design Workshop is to impart knowledge with skills in the discipline of electrical designing to develop safe and dependable processing facilities in a cost effective manner for a industry. Heavy power industries equipped with turbo generators, boilers, turbines, transformers, switchgears and other allied items.  Most of the plants such as power generation projects, petrochemical, refineries , chemical plants, integrated steel plants, non-ferrous metal units, etc needs proper design and engineering of electrical system. This workshop is to get familiar with the required skills while on the job, to enhance productivity and efficiency. Know More….

PCB Designing

Printed Circuit Board are essential part of a electronic connections to generate a mechanical support as well. Conductive tracks, pads and other features etched from copper sheets laminated onto a non-conductive substrate to connect capacitors, resistors or active devices which are generally soldered on the PCB. We can’t rely upon bread board for substantially increased number of components and for smaller packaging sizes of Integrated circuits  that’s makes PCB more essential. It is more of an art then just science with lots of scope for designer. Know More….