Embedded & Robotics

Embedded system is very core unit of any intelligent device. Everything around us from a simple watch to a space ship is using embedded system. Electronic devices are rapidly finding its applications in many of the areas all around us.  Indian embedded market worth $6.9 billion dollars, and expects 30 % growth by 2020. With this the demand of professionals in the field of embedded systems will certainly increase. µC programming using EmbeddedC workshop aims at imparting job-oriented training on Microcontroller architectures and concepts of EmbeddedC language from an industry perspective. Mostly we prefer hands on (practical) sessions for better understanding.

Course Highlights
  • Knowledge and understanding of fundamental embedded systems design paradigms, architectures, possibilities and challenges, both with respect to software and hardware,
  • A wide competence from different areas of technology, especially from computer engineering, robotics, electronics, intelligent systems and mechatronics.
  • Deep state-of-the-art theoretical knowledge in the areas of real-time systems, artificial intelligence, learning systems, sensor and measuring systems, and their interdisciplinary nature needed for integrated hardware/software development of embedded systems.
  • Ability to analyse a system both as whole and in the included parts, to understand how these parts interact in the functionality and properties of the system, and
  • Understanding and experience of state-of-the-practice industrial embedded systems and intelligent embedded system development.


  • Black Line Follower using two IR-Sensor
  • White Line Follower using two IR-Sensor
  • Line Follower using Signal Sensor
  • Sound Operated Robot
  • Wall follower Robot
  • Edge Avoider Robot
  • Obstacle Avoider Robot
  • Hand Gesture Robot
  • Mobile Controlled Robot
  • Decoration LEDs/ LED Patterns
  • Moving Massage LCD Display/ Blinking Message
  • 7-Segment Display
  • Multiplexer 7-Segment Display


  • Certificate of Participation from SkillThon-2018 in Association with ELAN & Nvision IIT Hydrabaad and Microsoft AEP.
  • Certificate of merit from SkillThon-2018 in Association with ELAN & Nvision IIT Hydrabaad and Microsoft AEP.
  • Certificate of Coordination from SkillThon-2018 in Association with ELAN & Nvision IIT Hydrabaad and Microsoft AEP.


Participation Benefits:
  • Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.
  • Project Completion letter to each attendee from SkillIT Nation New delhi
  • The Certificate of Participation in association with ELAN & Nvision IIT-H
  • Free CD/DVD containing Software Resource Toolkit
  • Students will get the opportunity to have Free 6 month project based Internship.
  • Top Teams will be awarded as winners with the certificate of honour & respected prizes at IIT-Hydrabaad.


Day 1
  • Basics of  Electronics
    * Practical understanding of all major electronic Component.
    * Working with Resistance, Diode, capacitor, LED, ZENER, Basic  ICs 
  • Embedded System design 
    * Introduction to micro controller 
    * What is a micro controller? What’s inside it? 
    * What makes it an embedded system? 
    * What are the different families of microcontroller, its derivatives and its applications in industrial projects?
    * Why AVR is the most widely used micro controller family?
  • Introduction about Arduino
    * Starting with embedded systems
    * AVR Microcontroller Programming
    * Arduino jargon and terms
    * Arduino Basics
    * Arduino Architecture
    * Arduino board layout. What are the resources available?
  • Programming fundamentals (C language)
  • Simple LED Program
  • LED Blinking 


Day 2
  • RGB Interfacing & Traffic Light Control
  • IR Sensor, DC Motor Interfacing & Automated Door Opening System
  • Controlling Direction of Motor (Forward, Reverse )


Day 3
  • LCD Interfacing
  • Interfacing Bluetooth Module
  • Control Electronics Devices using Android Smartphone & Arduino
  • Voice Controlled Home Automation System.


Day 4
  • Gesture Controlled Home Automation.
  • Interfacing 7 Segment Display
  • Interfacing Keypad with Arduino
  • Interfacing Analog Sensor
  • Interfacing Temperature & Humidity Sensor 


Day 5
Robot Assembling
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Avoider Robot
  • Android App Based Controlled Robot over Bluetooth
  • Voice Controlled Robot
  • Gesture Controlled Robot using Android Smartphone
  • Edge Avoider Robot


Prerequisites: –
  • Can access computer system and make use of internet to perform search over Google.


Need to Prepare?
  • Prior programming experience is not required.


Tools Expected: –
  • Windows OS based Laptop, Smart phone with Internet, Notebook and Pen


Tools Provided (for the session): –
  • 1x (ATmega16 SkillIT Development Board)
  • 1x (ATmega16 with inbuilt SkillIT Boot loader)
  • 1x (DTMF Decoder Module for Mobile Controlled Robot)
  • 1x (High Quality Plastic Chassis Board)
  • 1x (Pair D.C Plastic gear motors)
  • 2x (IR Based Digital Sensors)
  • 1x (Pair wheel 76mm Diameter)
  • 1x (USB Connector cable)
  • 1x (Ball Caster wheel)
  • 1x (Screw driver)
  • 4x (Support Studs)
  • 1x (LCD 16×2)
  • Other required Tools and accessories etc.
  • Sound Sensor.



An amount of INR 2500 will be charged per participants for the NWTP.