Fun With Programming

We are living in a century where Computer Science and Information Technology becomes a everyday need for each of us. Big Corporate giants having a major investment in the sector of IT to turn out to be a leader of all major developments related to it. We learn basic of coding at our school level. Now its time to add some flavor  of professionalism to embrace a skill to fulfill the future need of technical developments.

We designed some programs for our school techies under programing skill developments

Ethical Hacking | Malicious

Ethical Hacking has always been a subject of interest and passion with great career opportunities for computer crazy people. It makes one aware of the current shortcomings which gives rise to bad security systems and finds out a way which constitutes an ‘ideal secure system’. The focus of the workshop is to teach our students how to protect yourself from the menace of hacking and build future systems. With this niche technology one can coordinate various different internet service providers and exploit their weakness to meet your own ends. Know more….

Cyber Security | Trap Door

Cyber Security workshop addressed about Information Security concerns wherein the students get to know the importance and need to secure their systems and sensitive data. To counter any form of cyber crime information security professional and experts plays the prime role which makes information security a backbone of IT industry.  This workshop addressed about the technical know-how in the students in order to maximize them with benefits and knowledge and improve their skills and excellence in this field of IT. Our highly trained professionals and experts will impart all the needful to equip students to counter the potential attacks. Know more….

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a most advanced credit card sized computer with all the features that a computer is supposed to have with a feature which can turn any TV into smart TV. We can browse, play games and develop mobile or desktop applications with a system configured with raspberry pi. Even it can be configured with camera, printer and other peripherals that our computer system supports and needs. Additionally the GPIO (general Purpose Input output) pins given can be used to connects sensors to detects physical world and take decision for a automated environment. These all things can be done with a basic knowledge of python or c.  We designed this course module suitable for school students to share the sufficient level of technicality required to have fun with raspberry pi and create much interesting projects related to computer science and information technology. Know more….

Create Android Apps

Android, a technology which transforms the way we work, the way we communicate and the way we control. It is not just a platform of a well developed OS indeed a much advanced IT industry which is growing exponentially. Nowadays Android is not just limited to mobile phones rather we can’t expect any gadget without having android support. We have android TV, android wearable, PCs and even android Vehicles and the growth rate of android undoubtedly symbolizing maximum gadget around us will be embraced with android very soon. This development and future needs makes us to introduce our android app development training program at school level. This will introduce our school techies with much needed programming skills at much younger age with complete practical exposure for a long time impact over their enhancing minds to make them ready for all future IT needs. Know more….