Fun With Science

Science is always a fun if it is practiced with maximum practical exposure and learning. We learn a lot related to science from our textbook and beauty is we can also see and work practically with all the concepts we learn from our textbook. So this is the time to follow a new approach of learning with all new hands on to embrace a new fun with learning. Our workshops under scientific category is unique in many perspectives. With this our students will learn how they can use energy of various forms practically for many autonomous projects with tools like robots, drones and quad copters.

Lets have a brief of some technologies that we designed for our school aspirants:

Autonomous Robots

Robots, a programmable machine for complex automatically actions. At basic level robot can be used as a tool to learn science, technology and engineering concepts with all practical scopes. This workshop on autonomous robots will make our participants to design and develop a robot which can take its own decision to move in either direction or to take turn in a particular direction. The types of autonomous robot our students will develop are line follower robot, obstacle avoid and edge avoid robot.  know more…

Mobile Controlled Robots

Mobile phones used to control and access a lot of devices such as TVs,  ACs and lot many. The concepts and the process behind using our smart phones as a remote for all smart systems can be learned and taught in much easy pattern with the use of robots. We will make our participants to design and develop a robot and control its working and process with the inputs from our smart phones. Know more….

Voice Controlled Robotics

Voice Command Based Robotics Workshop relates speech recognition & processing which will be actuated with the robot wirelessly for controlling its different actions. This voice recognition technology became more vital with the applications such as Siri (iPhone), Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. It is used in applications ranging from Aerospace, Home Automation and Robotics to Education, Language Translation and Care for disabled people. This workshop will let you build a Voice Controlled Robot that can be controlled through voice commands using android apps. Know more….

Arduino Robots

Arduino, A much known and advanced open-source electronics platform or development board with software to program it. Arduino makes electronics more accessible to artists, designers, hobbyists and developers to create more interactive objects and environment. To start with only very basic of programming skill is required and our mentor will teach the same to our aspirants with some electronics concepts to make a autonomous robot with ease of coding and developments. Know more….

Quad Copter or Drones

Quad Copter or drones are basically unmanned helicopter with four rotors. These can be autonomous or can be remote controlled. This device is playing one of the key role nowadays in the field of security, video and image capturing, monitoring, traffic management and many more . The mechanism and assembly behind a quad copter can be understood with simple techniques. The professionals will train the aspirants of this workshop about all the components and concepts required to assemble and make it fly according to need. Know more….

Water Robotics

Water Robots, are basically a floating robot for various uses and needs. These robots can work and perform over or under water surfaces. The application in which these are used are cleaning water by collecting objects floating over water. participants of workshop will be taught to design and develop a robot which can float as well as can collect objects floating unanimously over water surfaces. These robots will be controlled by wired remote control from ground surfaces. know more….