Home Automation

Home automation is the practice of using one or more computers to control basic home functions and features automatically or remotely. This is also sometimes called as smart home. It involves control and automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security. Wifi is often used for remote monitoring and controlling. We are introducing workshop on home automation for school students to work on a project related to home automation with all practical hands on using all required electronics components and programmings. The concepts will be delivered by our mentors in a very simple and ease to understand pattern. The course structure has been designed  to implement the concepts that our techies learn from the textbook of science, mathematics and computer science on practical ground. This workshop can be scheduled in two modes:

App Based Home Automation

While we create a system for home automation to access or control a home feature remotely through our smart phone the area of interest we need to work upon configuration of some electronics components and programming of connected computer system. These systems can be understood and implemented with very common and basic concepts of science and math. So we are introducing this workshop for our school going techies and inviting them to make their learning with all fun of practicals and projects possible. Learn more….

Voice Based Home Automation

Voice can have all the fun. Yes we can have a system which can be controlled with just voice command and that too remotely. With voice command like “ON” or “OFF” we can make our appliances on or off at any point of time and from any point of location. Most fun part is these can be implemented by our school students from 8th to 10th. Isn’t it can be proved to be milestone project for a school going student. Our mentors from professional ground will explain all the assembling and implementation concepts in a ease to understood pattern for any school student. Know more….