The Mechanical workshop undertakes the construction of all mechanical systems, whether they be flight or developmental.The engineering performed in the mechanical workshop focuses on producing specialized, high-precision low-volume parts for laboratory and space instrumentation. Our workshops incorporates with technologies which carry throughout from designing, process control to production. We provide workshop session on automobile mechanics, vehicle dynamics, designing using catia or 3DS max, Analysis using ansys, production using 3D Printer and many more such advanced and emerging technologies. 

Automobile Mechanics

Automobile & IC Engine Mechanics workshop focuses on wide conceptual training related o automobile engineering. The topics to be covered will be chassis design, working of Suspension unit, Steering System, Braking unit, Transmission, Fuel Supply System, IC Engine and Advanced Technologies like ABS, EBD, PGMFi, DTS-Fi, MPFI, VVTI. The duration of this workshop will be two consecutive days, with eight hours session each day in a total of sixteen hours, properly divided into theory and hand on practical sessions. Know More….

Quad Copter

Quadcopter (Quad represents “four” and Copter comes from “helicopter”) is basically a robot which can be used for aerial applications. It is developed using simple propeller mechanism with electronics components for real-world applications. It comprises of ICs, Microcontrollers, sensors, motors, flight gears and other integrated components. With the workshop the participants will develop a quadcopter from the scratch with the understanding of various engineering concepts in making Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Know More…


CATIA course is to impart professional skills to the candidates in 3D solid & surface modeling technology. Participants can leverage CATIA Analysis to rapidly analyze, size and improve the reliability of your product design using Finite Element Analysis in CATIA. With CATIA interface,  you are able to compare ideas quickly and easily in the early stage of the design process, when the cost of design change is low. The training is conducted by industry professionals & academicians, has a proper blend of theory & practical sessions. Know More….

Race Car Design

Race Car Design is actually one step ahead for those students who are having basic knowledge of an Automobile and having desire for next level training over Race machines. With this program participants will get aware of several secret facts & figures regarding engineering of Race vehicle which are very rare and generally students can’t manage to learn. Mentors will have technically wide knowledge with Race Circuit experience to make this program really successful for participants. Know More….


ANSYS is an engineering simulation software for engineers and designers to virtually analyze how is their products and its parts works in real environment, at differnt stage of product design. ANSYS software is being used across a wide range of industries to analyze various performance parameters such as signal integrity, electromagnetic interference, thermal issues, and mechanical failure. ANSYS has a whole set of keys for you to perform simulation of structural aspects of a single product or complex interactions of subsystems. Know More….

Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics workshop will impart most intense experiences with great learning opportunity that too in a classroom environment. It is all designed to understand how, why and how much certain factors can affect the performance of a vehicle. All live demonstrations will make participants to interact and ask questions to get collaborative feedback.Participants will be covered with every aspect of vehicle dynamics and wrap up with data acquisition and analysis. Know More….

Piping Design

Piping Design workshop is designed to engage and impart knowledge with skills to the participants in the discipline of piping system design withing various process plants. The workshop will comprises of fundamental principles with concepts used in process plant layout and piping design.  The goal is to design safe and dependable processing facilities in a cost effective manner. With the completion of the course the participant will have a clear understanding of the design and engineering principles used in plant layout and piping design. Know More….

Electric System Usage in Automobile Industry

Vehicles are having very large content in terms of electric and electronic system. Many mechanical and vacuum system are influenced by electrical control which results into increase in electronic usage in vehicles. Present automotive electronics industry and manufacturers are under increasing pressure to deliver advanced electronic solutions quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Know More….

CNC Programming

Computer numerical control (programmers) develop programs to be used to operate manufacturing tools and equipment and CNC machinery is used by operators to cut and shape metal and plastic for various types of manufacturing. It is required for a CNC operator to have mechanical skill to read blueprints. Increasingly, many employers also require operators to have basic computer programming skills and experience with computer-aided design and manufacturing programs. Know More….

Automotive Air Conditioning

Automotive Air Conditioning installation & Repair workshop program is designed as occupational program with all practical and hands on training environment for our graduates to make them a specialized technician. Our participants can expect hands-on session and learn all the ins and outs of air conditioning in various types of automobiles.

Know More….

Thermodynamics in Mechanical Engineering

Why to go through the concepts of Thermodynamics? Different mechanical processes all around us answers it such as refrigeration process, mechanical engines, power plants work or properly defined chemical reactions. This workshop will provide theoretical fundamentals of thermodynamics, particularly the energy conversions heat to work and work to heat are discussed. This course lays the groundwork for subsequent studies in fields such as fluid mechanics, heat transfer and statistical thermodynamics, and prepares readers to effectively apply thermodynamics in the practice of engineering. Know More….