Mobile Controlled Robotics

Mobile Robotics is an advance level 2 days workshop program which is focused on delivering concepts to control robot using our mobile phone. This workshop content is dedicated to design and control your machine using a cellphone. It deals with the micro controlling programming and using a cell phone/mobile based on DTMF technology or Bluetooth technology. DTMF also known as Touch Tone is a signaling system which is used to identify the pressed push button in a DTMF keypad. The workshop also provides option for app based robot from mobile phones using commands or voice.

DTMF Controlled Robotics

Mobile phones used to control and access a lot of devices such as TVs,  ACs and lot many. The concepts and the process behind using our smart phones as a remote for all smart systems can be learned and taught in much easy pattern with the use of robots. We will make our participants to design and develop a robot and control its working and process with the inputs from our smart phones. With this workshop one will learn to simple access and control devices using DTMF tones from the keypad of the cellphones. Know more….

Voice Controlled Robotics

Voice Command Based Robotics Workshop relates speech recognition & processing which will be actuated with the wireless robot for controlling its different actions. This voice recognition technology became more vital with the applications such as Siri (iPhone), Google Assistant and Amazon Echo. It is used in applications ranging from Aerospace, Home Automation and Robotics to Education, Language Translation and Care for disabled people. This workshop will let you build a Voice Controlled Robot that can be controlled through voice commands using android apps. Know More….

Bluetooth Controlled Robotics

Bluetooth Control Robotics is a fully fledged embedded system to be controlled by Android mobile phone instead of any other medium such as buttons or gesture. Here we need an android phone with applications having touch buttons to control the car in forward, backward, left or right direction. Android phones are used here as a transmitting device and Bluetooth placed with robotic module will be the receiver. Our cell phone can send command using its in-built Bluetooth to a robot for its movements. Know More….