National Winter Training program

If you are accessing this section, then you have probably already made a decision to get embraced with some advanced concept during this winter and you are shopping for content, location & prices. You’ll definitely get a feasible price with great content for your training and development. Apart from just training you will be accessible to many important perspectives during and after the completion of the session such as Study Guide, Tests, Lifetime Retakes, Industrial certificates, Interviews and Career Guidance.

Artificial Intelligence with Data Science and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence is like diving into all new world with tremendous opportunities. It is considered as one of tool which is going to change the world more then anything in the history of mankind. Even more then electricity. It is already impacting future of virtually every industry like transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, education, media, customer service etc. Along with this Artificial Intelligence has acted as main driver for many emerging technologies like big data, IOT and robotics.  Know More….

Android Application Development

Android apps development is a desirable skill a developer  can have. By 2019 it was reported 150 million people uses Android as their OS. As well as the job opportunity also increased by 130 percent for the person who know android apps development in the time period from 2012 to 2018 alone. Whether you’re looking to become an Android developer or take on a profession in information technology (IT), this workshop can give a great start for the participants as far as learning is concerned. Know More….

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is such a dynamic and enhanced technology that it will always excite you to learn as much as you can. It has so much objectives to research and explore. So we are proposing a 5 days of intense training program on IOT with all the advance perspective related to development of IOT product. It will cover Arduino and Raspberry Pi with different communication protocol and interfacing sensors. Participants will be taught to develop Android App using MIT app inventor to communicate and control actuators wirelessly using Arduino. Know More….