PHP/My Sql

MySQL get into works in combination with various programming languages like PERL, C, C++, JAVA and PHP. Among these languages, PHP is the most popular one because of its web application development capabilities. This workshop focuses heavily on using MySQL in a PHP environment. PHP provides various functions to access the MySQL database and to manipulate the data records inside the MySQL database. One would require to call the PHP functions in the same way you call any other PHP function.


Can access computer system and make use of internet to perform search over Google.


Need to Prepare?

Prior programming experience is not required.


 Tools Expected:-

  1. Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7
  2. 64 bit  windows
  3. System RAM minimum 4GB With Windows
  4. Intel Core i3, i5
  5. Windows Intel i3 4th gen , i5 ,i7
  6. Smart phone with Internet
  7. Notebook and Pen


Tools Provided (for the session):-

DVD with software development tool XAMPP, Booklet on PHP and MySQL, Sample codes and reference materials.



HTML5 attributes, CSS3, XAMPP, PHP Syntax, Variables, Operators, Conditional Statements, Arrays, Loops, Functions, Forms, GET, POST, Filters, Cookies, Files, Email, Exceptions



PHP My SQL workshops aims at developing web based application development with all new web designing concepts.



  • Managing Database connections
  • Creating Database
  • Backing Up Databases and Tables
  • Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup
  • Dropping Databases and Tables



  • 2 Days (7 hours each including 1-hour lunch break)




Day 1

Session 1-  (03:30 hrs)
  • Introduction PHP and Mysql
  • PHP Installation
  • MySQL Installation
  • Apache Installation.
  • XAMPP and WAMPP Installation
PHP Basics:
  • Embedding PHP in HTML
  • Embedding HTML in PHP
  • Introduction Variable Using variables
  • Understanding Data Types Using Operators
  • Writing Statements and Comments Using Conditional Statements
  • If(), else if() and else if condition Statement
Arrays and Custom Functions:
  • Creating an Array
  • Modifying Array Elements
  • Processing Arrays with Loops
  • Grouping Form Selections with Arrays Using Array Functions
  • Creating User-Defined Functions
  • Defining and Invoking Functions


Session 2- (02:30 hrs)
Creating basic programs with PHP:
  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Reading Data from a File
  • Writing Data to a File
  • Testing File Attributes.
  • Managing Sessions and Using Session Variables
  • Creating a Session and Registering Session Variables
  • Destroying a Session
  • Storing Data in Cookies
  • Setting Cookies
  • Retrieving Cookie Data
  • Dealing with Dates and Times
  • Executing External Programs


Session Recap
Day 2
Session 1- (03:30 hrs)
Editing Records and Performing Queries:
  • Inserting Records
  • Editing and Deleting Records
  • Performing Queries
  • Retrieving Specific Columns
  • Filtering Records with a WHERE Clause
  • Using Operators
  • Sorting Records and Eliminating Duplicates
  • Limiting Results
  • Using Built-In Functions
  • Grouping Records
  • Joining Tables
  • Using Subqueries
  • Using Table and Column Aliases
Using PHP with MySQL:
  • Managing Database Connections
  • Performing Queries
  • Processing Result Sets
  • Queries Which Return Data
  • Queries That Alter Data
  • Handling Errors
  • Using Ancillary Functions
Creating Forms with HTML:
  • HTML Basics
  • Creating Forms with HTML


Session 2- (02:30 hrs)
Working with Databases and Tables:
  • Creating Databases
  • Creating Tables
  • Specifying Field Data Types
  • Selecting the Most Appropriate Data Type
  • Adding Field Modifiers and Keys
  • Selecting a Table Type
  • Altering Tables
  • Altering Table and Field Names
  • Altering Field Properties
  • Adding and Removing Fields and Keys
  • Altering Table Types
  • Backing Up and Restoring Databases and Tables
  • Backing Up Databases and Tables
  • Restoring Databases and Tables from Backup
  • Dropping Databases and Tables
  • Viewing Database, Table, and Field Information
Hands On & Project Documentation
Session Recap


Zonal Round of SkillThon
  • Competition
  • Certificate distribution and acknowledgement


INR 1100 (GST exclusive) Per Participation