Robots is a tool which can be used to learn and get familiar with embedded system much interesting way. Expected market reach of embedded system is almost USD 256 billion by 2023. Industry is on high demand of latest technology which will be fueled by latest innovations. Career opportunities in the field of robotics is going to touch all new height with the industrial automation which needs whole platoon of support staff, like testers, programmers and operators. We trained our participants from designing to developments of robots such as voice controlled robot, gesture controlled robot, six sense robots, brain controlled robots, autonomous robots and many more with easy to understand concepts and course structure.

Mobile Controlled Robotics

Mobile Robotics is an advance level 2 days workshop program which is focused on delivering concepts to control robot using our mobile phone. This workshop content is dedicated to design and control your machine using a cellphone. It deals with the micro controlling programming and using a cell phone/mobile based on DTMF technology or Bluetooth technology. DTMF also known as Touch Tone is a signaling system which is used to identify the pressed push button in a DTMF keypad. The workshop also provides option for app based robot from mobile phones using commands or voice. Know More….


Arduino, World’s first Open Source Embedded Platform. This will be fun to create a robot using Arduino and its peripherals. The fully hands on session during the workshop will lead to learn about Arduino and then use that knowledge to build a fully autonomously bot from scratch. Many interesting projects such as Line Follower Robots, Obstacle Avoidance Robots, Edge Avoidance Robot, Light detecting Robot, Computer controlled Robots and Mobile Phone Controlled DTMF Robots can be build using the concepts gained during the workshop. Know More….

Six Sense/Vision Robotics

Six Sense Technology is turning out to be a revolutionary technical aspect to exalt the physical world around us and let’s the user to use natural hand or eye gestures to interact with digital information. This workshop will deal with two aspects of technology robotics and image processing. The sessions will be divided in such a way that both aspects can be understood in a proper manner. Day one will cover uC applications and programming and day two will comprise of Image Processing using MATLAB and syncing both the worlds. Reputed Mentors from corporate share their knowledge during the workshop. Know More….


Autonomous Robotics is a beginner level workshop for the students eager to learn intelligent Autonomous , microcontroller based with multiple sensor robot. It will be an opportunity to gain knowledge in the field of designing, construction, operation, and application of Robot with real time hand on practical experiences. Our practical hands on session will let the participants to grasp practical knowledge by using Special Kits designed by our team which has an immense exposure and expertise in the fields of Robotics and AI. This will lead to develop 3 different basic autonomous robots which are guided using sensors such as line follower, obstacle avoidance and edge avoidance robots. Know More….

Brain Controlled Robotics

Brainwave Controlled Robotics workshop will let us learn to digitize analog electrical brainwaves to power the user interface of games, education and research applications. Participants will ultimately be able to control robots and other devices through your mind! So this will be an opportunity to learn the art of making robots which are controlled by the signals coming from your mind. With this workshop participants will integrate Brainwave technology and Robotics (which generally involves a microcontroller, actuators, power supply, etc.) to conceptualize and design complex systems in order to harness the power of mind in the form of brainwaves.  Know More….

Gesture Controlled Robotics

Gesture Controlled Robotics or Accelerobotix Workshop is focuses on robots which is result of human-machine interaction. Our hand movement will generate a gesture which will be recognized and leads to control of robots and its movement in either directions. Our hand gestures will be detected by accelerometer sensor which provides an analog data while moving in X-Y-Z direction or just in X-Y direction depending on the sensor & as per our requirements. The Robotics Workshop mainly focuses on conceptualization and designing of Hand Gesture based robots which will help the students to clear the fundamental concepts on “How to build a Hand Gestures controlled robot?” Know More….