School Workshops

We are a part of education domain which promotes Hands-on practical approach for learning new things through various technical workshops. Our students do have textbooks in their curriculum through which they learn a lot of concepts theoretically. We can make them owe the concepts much interestingly and with more fun by availing some practical exposure with experienced mentors. We follow the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) as our model to deliver our knowledge. Emerging and Rising technologies makes us to design our course content so that best suited technologies can be embraced at school level curriculum.

We Divided our workshop into three Categories for school Students:

Fun With Programing

We can deliver a good basic programing concepts to school going students to make them ahead in this IT era. In this unique category our students can get opportunity to learn about Android app Development, Web Development or about most advanced card sized computer Raspberry Pi. Know More….


Fun With Science

Science is always a matter of interest for educationist and researchers.Our school going students can learn and implement a lot of concepts of science that they used to study with 100% practical hands on session by being a part of our workshop under this category such as Autonomous Robots, Mobile Controlled Robots, ArduRobots, Water Robotics and Quadcopter. Know More….


Home Automation

Automation is the most trending technology of present days. With the continuous development of technology the implementation complexity decreased. We designed our training module for school students under this category which will train them about implementing the automation techniques within their home with some steps which can be easy to understand even for school going students. The two ways in which they can automate the home are app-controlled or through voice controlled. Know More….