Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle Dynamics workshop will impart most intense experiences with great learning opportunity that too in a classroom environment. It is all designed to understand how, why and how much certain factors can affect the performance of a vehicle. All live demonstrations will make participants to interact and ask questions to get collaborative feedback.Participants will be covered with every aspect of vehicle dynamics and wrap up with data acquisition and analysis.


Can access computer system and make use of internet to perform search over Google.


Need to Prepare?

Basic knowledge of mechanical system and automobile engineering would be appreciated.


Tools Expected:-

Windows OS based PC, Smart phone with Internet, Notebook and Pen


Tools Used (for the session):-

Software for designing, Digital toolkit of PPTs , Study material for all participants



Various forms of Dynamics, Braking System, Analysis based on kinematics and dynamics, Vehicle Stability, Roll & Ride Analysis, etc.



The workshop will addressed about mechanism and dynamics behind a car and bike engine. Concepts related to various forces and friction which effects roll and ride will be given with real time example to go through the concept in a proper manner.



  • Drill Steering System
  • Contactless Vibration detection



2 Days (7 hours each including 1-hour lunch break) 



Day 1
Session 1 (03:30 hrs):-

 Introduction to Dynamics

  • Dynamic systems and models.
  • Classification of dynamic systems
    • Linearity
    • Time in-variance
    • Representation using Ordinary Differential Equations.
  • Transfer function and state space representations.
  • Brief overview of dynamics


Session 2- (02:30 hrs)
 Longitudinal Dynamics
    • Forces acting on a vehicle
      • Aerodynamic drag
      • Rolling resistance
      • Grade resistance.
    • Concept of friction ellipse
      • Limits of traction available at the tire-road interface
      • Issues.
    • Dynamics during acceleration
      • Governing equations
      • Traction available for various drive configurations.
    • Dynamics during braking
      • Governing equations
      • Brake force distribution
      • Stopping distance
      • Vehicle stability
    Session Recap


    Day 2
    Session 1- (03:30 hrs)
    Lateral Dynamics
    • Kinematic analysis
      • Ackermann steering geometry
      • Realization of steering geometry
      • Turning radius.
    • Dynamic analysis
      • Steady state cornering
      • Bicycle model
      • Understeer gradient
      • Concept of understeer and oversteer
      • Influence of vehicle longitudinal speed



    Session 2- (02:30 hrs)
    Vertical Dynamics
      • Ride Analysis
        • Quarter car mode
        • Ride characterization
        • Modes associated with the quarter car model
        • Influence of suspension stiffness and damping
      • Roll analysis
        • Half car roll model


      Session Recap
      Zonal Round of SkillThon


      Certificate distribution and acknowledgement


      INR 1100 (GST exclusive) Per Participation